So, I’ve not posted anything in just about a year, and really, what am I going to say…it is just plain weak sauce.  Part of it is that  (and here I won’t lie) finding content to post about, even just once a week, was more challenging than I thought.  So time has gone by and my blog has languished in the void of dead and out of date content.  At first is was just slightly embarrassing, but by the time I got to month four or seven, it began bordering on the line of just plain silly.

So I need to find a way to write more often, and I need to have a way to have content regardless of if I can’t think of something I consider interesting.  So that means I need to have a fallback, and since the only thing I know really well is me, I guess that means that is what I’m going to have to write about.

So in the time since my last post, there has been positive movement  on most aspects of my life.  I was dating a wonderful lady when I was posting regularly last year, and we are still together.   That’s a nice change from bouncing around the dating scene .

I was a contract worker at a law firm for a long time, and I’ve finally gotten put on full-time, which means after years of simply spending a little bit of extra money on my food at Whole Pay-Check, I have health care.  It’s almost odd not having to worry about when the axe is going to fall.

On the not so rosy front, I applied to several law schools, and was rejected from them all.  That’s a bitter pill to swallow, and it makes you wonder if you are just dumb.  I’m not, and I know that, but it was frustrating; however, that experience finally gave me enough perspective to really come up with my own personal motto: I’ve been knocked down, but I never stayed down.

I think part of the learning I’ve done in the last year is figuring out that last year was harder than it needed to be, as I did not have a schedule.  I’ve since, in an effort to lose a bit of weight, bought a bicycle in order to commute to work that way.  Because it is kicking my butt, riding is, by default putting me on more of a schedule.  Now, I’m tired at ten or eleven at night, whereas before I would be up till three at night.  Ah, sleep is a good thing!

And so I sit in a coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon, having already put about 20 miles on the bicycle today.  The radio is pumping out jazz tunes, and my fingers are moving over the keyboard in an attempt to restart this blog of mine.  Not a new endeavor, but nevertheless, an endeavor made new by the act of beginning again. So here is to a more tempered approach and to finding a way to learn from failure. If in the past you read this, as have left, my apologies; I hope you give me a second chance.  If not, well I understand, and wish you the best.  To anyone new that stumbles upon these musings of mine. Welcome!  And now…to begin again.