It’s bleak outside.  This is not a metaphor; although, it could be.  But no, it is actually gray, cold, and the wind is howling through DC like a Siberian express train…ok, it is moving a little faster than that, but you get the idea.  But, as we all know it is not just the weather.  Many people, myself included on some days, are practicing the philosophy of living in hope, and dying in disappointment.  Yet, by and large, we keep on going.  What a wonderful thing that is.

It’s the small things that get you through.  For example, at the moment my budget is stretched tighter than the head of a snare drum, but people seem to have this need to find ways to get the things they want.  In my case it is music, and I’ve found that Amazon—bless them—have full CDs for download for free. Yes they are usually samplers, but hey, it is still a free album.  There are some real gems if you just spend ten minutes looking, which is easy thanks to the links to other albums they helpfully display on every page. I’ve found some awesome artists, like Chris Joss, this way, and all because I’ve been forced to look for a way to get my music fix.

Or if that is not your fix, there is Blue and White. Blue and White has come to define the term “hole-in-the-wall” for me.  They serve breakfast and lunch, and at about five dollars, you can get a huge piece of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and sweat potato pie, all of which is killer.  What you can’t get is a seat.  You order in a corridor that is only slightly wider than a man, while the other side of the glass partition is crammed with three or four people, a kitchen, and cash register. If you are there when the rush is on you can even take a little time to give your order.  However, once you are in line, there is only one way out…to go through.  But if you can’t find a chair, you be just as hard press as to find someone who dose not have their day improved by eating such good food at such a steal.

That idea…that the only way out is though is a useful one.   Usually the way to get though is with friends. If this sounds like a cliché, that is because it is.  Yet is does not change the fact that your friends are the ones that get you through when times are tough.  They are the ones that make sure you get you butt out of bed in the morning, and who keep their ears and eyes open for you on the ground.  True that sometimes you have that annoying person in your life that you’d just like to say, “hey, have you ever wondered how strong duct tape actually is?” but we all know that is just a sign that you need more coffee or beer (Side note, I was just reading about duct tape and discovered you can buy it in at least twenty different colours…it would almost be worth employing some of that tape on someone but in a nice festive pink or cheery yellow, just to see if your friend notices). And so I say, we shall keep on beating on weary path, because it usually hold, that just when you think your totally done, and there is no hope…that is usually when the unexpected shoe of good fortune comes along to “drop kick you through the goalposts of life.”  And it’s then that you get to celebrate with your friends, and that is really what we should all look forward to.