Welcome one.  Welcome All.  Here, as I’ve noted, is my accumulated wisdom, insight, and bull.  The phrase is not my own, though I do wish it was.  I stole it from Jerry Jeff Walker’s album called Viva Luckenbach. The title refers to a small town in Texas not too far from San Antonio where a man named Hondo Crouch had the habit of holding some odd celebrations like the first Texas “women only” chili cook-off and no-talent contests – point of clarification: the cook off and no-talent contests were separate events; although, they were not necessarily mutually exclusive events. Hondo also wrote for a local paper under a pseudonym and commented on everything from politics and culture to the ordinary comings and goings of his town and the people in it.  And thus an idea was born, which I am pilfering unapologetically.

I have decided to regale those who will read with many sidebars, tangents, and observations.  Some of which may or may not be of use.  And to the rest, well I hope you will settle in, crack open your favorite drink, and slow down.  The world likes to rush to and fro like a cartoon coyote that was fond of bestriding highly explosive rockets, and usually we human have about the same kind of results from all the rush.  And for the pseudonym, I’ve resurrected the world flahooler.

There are a two reasons for this.  The first is I like the way the world sounds. Fla-Ho-Oler.  If you slowly say it that way, then it could be something you say as you snuggle up your woman or man in a sentence, like “Hey, don’t you want to taste my flahooler?” Or “Do you want to see me in my new flahooler?”  Or you can say it in a short scream. FLa-Hool-ER!  Then it sounds like something you’d cry out on your way to bludgeon someone.  And there are other variations.  Go ahead. Try it out.  I’ll wait. See.  It’s a fun word to say.

Second, I like the meaning, which can be found here.

Another word I like that I can’t claim as my own, but is Hondo’s invention is plike. Plike means “Play like” or “pretend.”  So let us, you and I, plike a bit.  Let us plike that we are old friends, who have long been out-of-touch, but who meet unexpectedly.  We know one another’s face and there are a few hazy details in our mind, but the plane we are to catch is delayed due to bad weather.  We have a few hours, and just by chance we stumble upon a cheap hole-in-the-wall with mouthwatering food and drinks colder than the box office for The Adventures of Pluto Nash.  So let us dine together while  we shall share our wisdom, insight, and shoot (and possibly eat) the bull.